Solutions we offers

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Solar Energy

Pakistan Solar Services can specify, design, install and commission solar energy systems.

Solar Energy
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Solar Tube Well
Solar Water Pump

Solar pumps are designed to suit the system are designed to provide water supply for a long time.

Solar Pump
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Wind Energy
Keep wind energy blowing!

Our wind energy specialists are experienced in both onshore and offshore wind projects.

Wind Energy
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Portable Solar Kit
Portable DC Solar Home Systems

PAKSOLAR has come up with a solution named as Portable DC Solar Home Systems.

DC System

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Street Lights
Solar Standalone and Integrated

Solar Street Lights is a Karachi based solution provider of high quality, engineered systems.

Street Lights
energy conservation image
Energy Conservation
Save Energy, Save Life!

Through PAKSOLAR, you can save your energy without installation of any alternate energy solution through energy audit.

Energy Audit
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Micro Hydropower Systems
Run of River!

Hydropower comes from converting energy in flowing water by means of a water wheel.

Micro Hydro
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Water Heating System
Solar Geyser

PAKSOLAR deals in non-pressurized and pressurized solar water heater/geyser.

Solar Heater

solar homes have more values solar homes sell faster