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In Pakistan, where agriculture is the base of the economy, till date many areas where lands is very fertile, but due to the unavailability of the Electric supply Irrigation is almost impossible or very costly. Not just that even today there are many regions in Pakistan where due to non-availability of electricity pumping drinking water is also not possible.

To overcome these problems we are introducing our solar water pumping system at a very affordable cost with high reliability. Solar water pumps are specially designed to lift water for irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, domestic use, drinking and other similar applications. These systems are best alternatives for areas where there is no electricity or scarcity of power supply. The specially designed modules of the system can withstand extreme weather conditions such as storm, rain and dust and are impact resistant.

One of the biggest advantages of solar water pumps is that it can be easily installed, requires almost no maintenance and can last for more than 25 – 30 years

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خوشحال کسان خوشحال پاکستان

پاکستان ایک زرعی ملک ہے ، زراعت پاکستان کی معشِت میں ڑیڑھ کی ہڈی کی حیثیت رکھتی ہے. پاکستان کے وہ علاقے جہاں آبپاشی کا نظام موجود نہیں وہاں کسان اپنی زمینوں کو سیراب کیلئے ٹیوب ویل کا استعمال کرتے ہیں ان میں پنجاب، بلوچستان ، سندھ اور خیبر پختونخواں کے دور دراز علاقے شامل ہیں.

آئے دن کی لوڈ شیڈنگ سے نہ صرف کسان مشکلات کا شکار ہیں بلکہ زرعی پیداوار میں بھی کمی واقع ہو رہے ہیں جس کی وجہ سے ملک کثیر زر مبادلہ کمانے سے بھی محروم ہو رہا ہے . کسان بھایؤں کی انہی ضروریات کو مدنظر رکھ کر "پاکستان سولر سروسز" نے ایک انقلابی پروگرام " خوشحال کسان خوشحال پاکستان " شروع کیا ہے جس میں ان کسان بھایؤں کیلئے جو آبپاشی کیلئے ٹیوب ویل کا سہارا لیتےہیں؛ نہایت مناسب لاگت پہ شمسی توانائی سے چلنے والے ٹیوب ویل ڈیزائن کئے گئے ہیں ان ٹیوب ویلوں میں استعمال ہونے والے تمام آلات جرمنی ، اٹلی اور امریکہ سے درآمد شدہ ہیں

١- شمسی توانائی سے چلنے والے ٹیوب ویل نہایت کم عرصۂ میں سرمایہ کی واپسی کوممکن بناتی ہے

٢- یہ سولر واٹر پمپ بجلی , اسکی لوڈ شیڈنگ اور جنریٹر کے خرچہ سے مستثنیٰ ہیں

٣- بجلی کی بچت کرتے ہیں.

٤- پچیس سال تک روزانہ 6 گھنٹے مسلسل ، لاکھوں لیٹر پانی کی دستیابی سے فصل کی پیداوار میں اضافہ.

تو آئیں کسان اور ملک کی خوشحالی کے اس مشن میں پاکستان سولر سروسز کا ساتھ دیں

How does solar water pump worksA solar-powered water system is made of two basic parts. The solar electric modules are the power house. The electricity from the panels goes to the motor and pump, which send the water through the pipe to where you want it. Many solar-powered water systems pump the water into a large holding tank. This reserves storage supplies during cloudy weather or at night.

Solar modules are usually installed on special ground or pole mounting structures. For more output, modules are installed on a tracker - a mounting structure that follows the sun like a sunflower.

Solar electricity may be used directly or it may be stored in batteries for later use. The batteries used for most systems are slightly different than ones used in cars. They are called deep-cycle batteries and are designed to be rechargeable and to provide a steady amount of power over a long period of time.

Solar Irrigation Systems are designed for use in agriculture and support farmers engaged in agriculture, and long-term economic recycling system.

Solar photovoltaic solar panels on the content of irrigation systems, custom pump, control panel and accommodates the connected equipment. Solar pumps are designed to suit the system are designed to provide water supply for a long time. Diesel generators supply electricity to places where troubled by the solar irrigation systems where both clean and more energy efficient solution.

Solar Water Technologies Systems are

Flexible -

How does solar water pump worksA revolution is taking place in how water is being Pumpd in remote locations beyond the reach of electric power lines. Solar-electric, or Photovoltaic, power has proven to be an ideal way to lift water for drinking, sanitation, stock tanks, and irrigation. Photovoltaic pumps have been on the market since 1980 and in Pakistan introduce in 2001 and are in use all over the world.

It has been known for many years that some substances give off electrons when light strikes them and these electrons may be used to form a current. The development of photovoltaic (PV) technology began in 1955 and came of age in the 1980's. PV technology was initially regarded as "space age" because the use was limited to satellites, but in 1980 the cost was reduced by two-thirds making PV modules more affordable to the general public. PV technology is built on the solar cell. This small, paper-thin disc is made of silicon, an inert crystalline material refined from sand. Exposing the solar cell to sunlight causes electrons to jump from the positive to the negative side of the cell. Thus generating direct current. Solar cells are assembled into panels called modules. A solar panel will produce about 50 watts of power.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are the simplist possible way to generate electricity beyond the reach of power lines. They have no moving parts and last for decades with virtually no maintenance. Solar power is no longer an expensive, experimental energy source. Photovoltaics are now standard in many commercial, Industrial, military, and consumer applications---wherever modest amounts of power are needed beyond the power lines.