Wind Energy Systems!

Smaller, Islanded systems to Wind Farms Solutions

Wind Energy is expected to have a growing role within electricity generation portfolios. Planning, developing and integrating wind projects across the social, environmental and technical landscape will be a challenge faced by customers. Pakistan Solar Services effectively meets this challenge with experience, technical and business expertise, collaboration with the USA, EU and German renewable energy firms who have acquired an extensive experience in the large scale Wind Farms projects like in MWs.

Wind Energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy markets with over 250,000 MW installed globally. Wind turbines are an affordable and mature technology available in a range of sizes from hundreds of watts up to multi-megawatt giants. Wind turbines are integrated into main electricity grids in large wind farms or on smaller, islanded systems as individual machines.

The integration of wind turbines into existing electrical systems is a significant issue as renewable energy penetration increases. Our extensive knowledge across all system sizes examines and designs technical

Pakistan Wind Corridoresolutions to meet our customers’ requirements. In addition, our project delivery experience with different contracting styles, alliancing and new approaches to project construction benefits both asset owners and delivery firms by maximizing project value and aligning project drivers.

As wind energy expert installer the feasible wind turbine system areas are very little in Pakistan, such as Ketty Bandar, Jhampeer, Dhabeji, Baluchistan, upper Punjab areas and KPK region as per testing reports on May 2007 by NREL for US AID.

Our Services

Pakistan Solar Services new collaboration with the USA, EU and German renewable energy firms who have acquired an extensive experience in both onshore and offshore wind projects, providing a full suite of professional services for wind developers, asset owners, investors and utilities including:

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PAKSOALR services and support covers all sizes and project phases of wind farm installations across Pakistan. Our experience ranges from single wind turbines integrated into remote, home and business location in Pakistan.

Pak Solar services has a growing focus on wind farm oeprations and maintenance. An example of this is our joint venture company which operates and maintains wind farms in UAE, with a focus into South East Asia. Our longer term aim is to grow this business line into all over the Pakistan, specially in Gawadar, Karachi and Northern Areas.